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Sweet Poem Connections

What a sweet event!!!

Sweet Poem Connections is an attempt to experience desserts, love and mindfulness in a special and memorable way. I believe that "food is love."I also believe that love is about connection and relationships with ourselves and others. Poetry and arts are expressions of the intricacies of the human soul and all its emotions in every form. Ultimately, for me, it is an expression of love.

What is Sweet Poem Connections about?

Desserts. Poems. Connections

This is for any occasion that you want to make special or memorable, a normal evening, a fancy dinner party, a special date or event, be it sad or happy (i.e. birthday, anniversary, funeral, memorial service). I will deliver a homemade dessert of your preference along with a poem and a special activity for you to perform after reading the poem.  

The idea behind this is that you experience the social aspect of food at another level. I come from a place that celebrates everything with food and a "get together". I want to bring the significance of love and of mindfulness in every aspect of our lives and Sweet Poem Connections is a different, fun, enriching, and enlightening way of doing that. Sweet Poem Connections integrates the social aspect of food with art, awarenes and mindfulness. With Sweet Poems Connections your experience of a dessert will never be the same! You will be in the company of others, you will read a poem, picked specifically for the occasion, you will understand the poem by performing an activity that will invite you to open your mind, senses and creativity. 

Make Your Event Different and Meaningful

Sweet Poem Connections Services

I offer three different services depending on the needs and desires of the clients. All of them are personalized according to the event and initial interview that I will have with the client. After the interview, I will choose a poem that is related to the purpose of your event. I will design an activity for you and your guests based on the poem, and provide you with detailed instructions and materials to perform it, unless you hire me to be present at the event. In which case, I will deliver all materials and direct the activity. 

Please note that for all of these services we need an initial interview so that you can choose your dessert and explain to me the purpose and size of your event. The nature of Sweet Poem Connections is of intimacy and coziness. For that reason all my desserts are homemade and rustic. You are welcome to add my services to a dessert order that you have made elsewhere. I will gladly design an activity to match your event. Please see details below

Poem and Activity

You don't need the dessert because you have ordered it elsewhere but you want a poem and an activity that is designed specifically for your event. You don't require my presence. You will perform the activity on your own. I will provide you with the poem and with detailed instructions and materials for your event.

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Poem, Activity and Event

For this service, as with the one above, you have ordered the dessert elsewhere. Nonetheless, you want the poem, the activity and require my presence to direct the activity. I will come with the activity prepared and all the materials for it. Prepare yourself to have a great experience.

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Dessert, Poem and Activity

This is the entire experience that doesn't require my presence. I will deliver the dessert, a poem and an activity designed for your event and that reveals a meaning of the poem. You will receive all the instructions and materials as well. Prepare to have a unique and unforgettable experience.

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Dessert, Poem, Activity and Event

This is the more complete experience. I will deliver the dessert of your choosing, will pair it with a poem, design the activity to match both the event and the poem, and I will direct the activity. This service also includes the delivery of all the materials.

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"Cooking is the most private and most risky act. In food you put tenderness or hate. On the cooking pan you put seasoning or venom. Cooking is not a service. Cooking is a way of loving others. " Mia Couto

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