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Where is Magic?

Have you ever asked yourself where has the magic or zest of life gone? Where is it and why can't you feel it anymore? You are doing all the things that you are supposed to do and yet, something is escaping you, there is this void you don't seem capable of filling?

Has people told you to look on the positive side of life and you tell yourself: "I already do that and it's not working."

Before trying to fill that void with anything outside yourself consider this:

It is proven by the research of Positive Psychology that fostering gratitude in your life will enhance your overall well-being.

To that statement you might be very quick to respond: "I am a grateful person. I have done that and it doesn't work." And maybe it isn't working.

However, I would like to insist on revisiting what being grateful means because it certainly goes beyond "thank you". Gratitude involves awe at wonder, savoring the moment, enjoyment, openness, connection and humbleness. When you are truly grateful you are in awe of something that has revealed itself to you as unique: a wonder. Awe will recognize the marvel in what you have experienced. It will be able to explain in extensive detail what are the things that make the event (the gift, the experience, etc) unique. And, it will rejoice in all of that. This means that you will derive pleasure from the things that marvel you. Gratitude recognizes that those things you are deriving pleasure from have been given or allowed to you freely. Gratitude then recognizes that those things are not yours and that you are experiencing them because something or someone decided to make you a part of it. Why? Just because. Gratitute is then a recognition of a belonging to a community, to a bond, to someone, etc. You are part of something bigger. In seeing this, gratitude humbles you. 

When you truly exercise gratitude you enhance your living because you are able to appreciate the many fortunate "coincidences" that you are a part of just for being here.

G.H. Chesterton, poet and philosopher from early last century writes that "when it comes to life, the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude."  

Are you being truly grateful? Be honest with yourself. Are you taking things for granted? What if you were? Which could those things be? How are you going to not take them for granted anymore? 

I urge you to revisit your definition of gratitude, exercise it everyday. Look in your life for the things you are truly grateful. Look for the things you aren't. Savor them once and again. Look at the things that everyday bring. Look at the little things and the bigger ones. Watch what happens when you start naming the little good things that happen to you, watch what happens when you start looking at everything with marvel and gratitude. Just look... you will find magic! It is truly everywhere! It is! 

Love always,


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